June 2016 Report

With the icy grip of winter slowly tightening, and the effects of the long drought being felt by all it will come as no surprise that the next few months will be especially difficult for the herbivores. With this being said there is always a natural balance in nature and when one species suffers another will prosper, the carnivores are enjoying the bounty of the well stocked larder that is Nambiti.

While most of the guests focus on the animal side of the reserve it is clear to all that the flora is suffering just as much as the fauna. Instead of the lush green Natal landscape that we are all so used to, the hills are a pale beige with splashes of red brought about by the abundance of the dry thatching grass.

With the less than favourable ecological conditions it is not uncommon the find Giraffe and Kudu gnawing on old bones found lying around, this phenomenon, called osteophagia, is practiced by animals in an attempt to supplement their diet with calcium and phosphorous in times of need. The bone is not crushed, like it would be if eaten by Hyena for example, but merely chewed so as to chip little flakes off in order for them to be swallowed. The comical expressions on the animal’s faces can easily be seen from a distance as they concentrate on chipping away at a bone.

The systematic upgrading and renovating of the lodge and tents is an ongoing operation in an attempt to keep our guests as comfortable as possible. One of our newest additions is a custom built kiddies jungle gym complete with a cargo net, slide and swings.

During the busy July holiday season we welcomed the return of Shaun Atkinson, (who left the lodge at the end of 2015 to further his studies). He came in for 3 weeks to help out on the ranger side. It felt like he’d never left – he just slotted right back into the swing of things. We look forward to his possible return to our ranger team at the end of this year after his studies are completed.
We welcome Natascha Child to our ranger team who replaced Gregg Stevens who left our employ at the beginning of July.

Look out for our next newsletter at the end of this month, until then….. Ciao.