August 2016 Report

With the final month of our winter season coming to an end, we gladly welcome the arrival of SPRING. There has still been snow visible on the Drakensberg Mountains for most of the past month and while the days are now warming nicely the final effects of winter can still be felt in the early mornings and as soon as the sun sets.

We welcome the arrival of a brand new Black Rhino calf and all the rangers are eagerly awaiting the moment when reserve management will allow us into the area they have cordoned off while the new calf and mother find their feet. We also welcome back the early arrival of some of our summer migrant bird species such as Steppe Buzzards, European Rollers and Amur Falcons.

It is good to see that one of the lionesses has finally conceived and showing the first signs of pregnancy. After a gestation period of around 110 days she will, having already found a den site that fits her specifications, give birth to between 1 - 4 cubs (occasionally 6). These lion cubs will be born altricial - meaning helpless and blind - and will be cared for by their mother until after a period of roughly 2 years when they will finally leave their mother if they are boys or if they are female reach sexual maturity and hopefully have cubs of their own. There has also been a lot of interest from the 2 big male lions in another lioness as her contraceptives have finally worn off and she seems to have come into heat for the first time. Maybe we will have 2 pregnant lionesses on Nambiti shortly!

We welcome the arrival of our new guide - Donna Jones - who has replaced Kiegan Bailey and Ruan who’s working behind the counter at everyone’s favourite “watering hole”.

We look forward to the prospect of some rain – the lack of rainfall over the past two seasons is very evident throughout the Reserve.
GREAT NEWS: We have extended our 2016 Winter Rate till 29 September 2016.

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