July 2016 Report

There’s a chill in the air as we eagerly head into the wild for the morning game drive. Herds of blue wildebeest huddle together for warmth whilst the heated breath of the big cats materialises in the frozen night air. The snow-covered peaks of the surrounding Drakensburg Mountains blush with the much anticipated rising of the sun. It is safe to say that winter has settled in at the Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

Despite the cold, we have enjoyed spectacular sightings this July. The cooler weather means that the lions are more active in daylight hours and we have had some very special moments with these magnificent beasts this month. The resident hippos are also affected by the drop in temperature and tend to be out of the water for more of the day - giving us a chance to appreciate more than just the tops of their heads!

The days warm as the sun rises, beating down on the stunning landscapes below. It was one such warm afternoon that a herd of 30+ elephant came to Bass Dam, close to Springbok Lodge, to quench their thirst and do what elephants love to do … play in the water. As three big bulls spiritedly tussled in the dam and the sensible females drank from the bank, we watched one young female go to the water and start thrashing her floppy little trunk around. The young elephant really seemed to be enjoying herself, and seeing this, another younger individual proceeded to copy her behaviour. The two cheeky playmates splashed around, dousing themselves (and their neighbours) for a good few moments - just for the sheer joy of it! It was a sighting my guests and myself will treasure.

The reserve has seen some desperately needed rainfall this past month with 73mm of rain quenching the dry land in the South of the reserve over 3 days. The bush immediately looked a little more hopeful for it yet on the other hand - of course - this meant for some wet game drives over slippery mud roads, but our plucky guests braved the storms and we were rewarded with some excellent sightings including buffalo, elephants and a few soggy lions!

All in all it’s been a very successful month here at Springbok Lodge. We hope that you have also had a fantastic July and look forward to sitting around the camp fire with regaling stories of the day’s sightings!

Have a wonderful Women’s month – August already – gosh – Spring and Summer are just around the corner - yay!!