October 2016 Report

The days are becoming warmer and the nights not any cooler. The sun is starting to rise earlier and set later, this meaning that we are heading out on morning drive at 5am and our afternoon drives at 4pm – once the heat of the day has subsided slightly. We were blessed with 3 days of rain during October - a total of 28mm - not nearly enough to fill up dams but enough to allow the flora to start blooming. We will just keep praying for more and more rain….

As mentioned in a previous newsletter - one of our lionesses was pregnant, we are SO HAPPY to say that she has now had her cubs. The rangers have not yet been privileged to see her litter but the mother has come out of her den area and there are signs showing that she has given birth; for example she has dropped her weight and there is an indication that she is lactating. We have had some awesome sightings of our two younger males and their mother and those boys are growing up fast. We have also had more sightings lately of our lone lioness, Tswalu, who has been hanging around with our older males a lot. The other lionesses still chase her though. The three younger females were also seen often during this October month.

Our one and only wild cheetah, Houdini, has also surfaced a few times allowing the rangers and their guests to see his beauty. We have had some great sightings of him on two separate kills (a duiker and an impala).

We will keep you updated…