November 2016 Report

After many hot and humid days, this past month has brought us some refreshing thunder showers and beautiful lightening displays – followed by some glorious rain. At this time of year we are also so spoilt with the most stunning sunrises and romantic sunsets.

This much needed rain has awoken the bushveld by flushing out stagnant water, revitalising the vegetation and allowing us to witness a new era being born onto the Nambiti Reserve. Many of our antelope have started dropping their young, which brings smiles and joy to guests, and rangers alike, as we watch these young taking their first steps trying to get the hand of these stilt like things also known as legs. There is playfulness amongst this new era as they make new “friends” and get to learn about the bushveld and how sometimes, sadly, it really is about survival of the fittest out there.

Some have been lucky enough to witness that the so called “King of the Jungle” may not be the king after all, as we witnessed a battle of Rhino vs Lion. Through a cloud of dust appeared our magnificent rhino as well as our two dominant big boys in a friendly or perhaps not so friendly display of who is actually “King”? Well in this case Rhino won or maybe these Lion just got tired of playing. Either way - to be able to sit and watch two of our favourite species interacting so close is another reason why the Nambiti Game Reserve is such a special place. Makes me believe that “heaven on earth” just might exist.

The “silly season” is almost upon us … with bookings for December and January almost at 100% - there are only a few gaps here and there to fill the odd night or two . . . we hope you haven’t left it too late to book your stay with us!!

We would like to take this opportunity to CONGRATULATE 2 of our staff members – Buyi Mazibuko and Nozipho Zwane - on their 10 years of service at Springbok Lodge. We will post pictures of them next month with their 10 years of service badges.
Sadly we’ll say goodbye to one of our rangers - Donna – who has decided to take on a new venture ‘down under’.
So here’s wishing one and all a Happy Holiday Season – for those with school going children - enjoy the holidays with them - make every day count – because before we know it “back – to – school” will be our doorstep.