December 2016 Report

Another year has drawn to a close and another year is upon us. As humans we mark the changing from one year to the next, in the bush there is no such celebration. The bush ebbs and flows to the changing of the seasons, the coming of the rain and the rebirth of nature.

As well as the regeneration of the vegetation it is the time of year when the plains are a flood with newly born calves of many different species of mammal- impala, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest and even a couple of black wildebeest calves have been sighted. The real exciting arrival this past month has undoubtedly been the appearance of six brand new lion cubs. Although they are not often sighted and quickly whisked off into the bush by mom when she feels the encroaching vehicles are getting a little too close, all guests and rangers alike search high and every game drive in an attempt to get a glimpse of these little bundles of furry joy. Cheetah sightings have been abundant and exceptionally good recently, undoubtedly the best sighting being Houdini in a dead paper-bark thorn tree five meters off the road. Another new arrival that has got all the guests and rangers talking is a Serval mother with one kitten in tow, although no photos have been taken of these elusive cats they are regularly seen bounding into the tall grass and out of sight as soon as the cameras are raised.

On the holiday season side of things, the lodge has been running at pretty much full capacity for the duration of the festive season. We have had the honour of sharing this time of festivities and giving with amazing people from all over the world, laughter has echoed around the lodge and keeping with the Christmas spirit lights and decorations cover most of the available wall space. New year’s festivities where jovial but short lived as most of the guests preferred an early evening and game drive in the morning over a full night of revelry and the possibility of missing the game viewing.

With that we wish everyone – albeit late - a Happy New Year and we look forward to keeping you updated on the goings on at Springbok Lodge and the Nambiti Reserve.

Amongst the photos herewith please see the image of our 3 staff that received their 10 year service award last month. 

We look forward to hosting new and returning guests and sharing our little piece of paradise with all of you.