January 2017 Report

Greetings from the Springbok Lodge rangers.

The rain is upon us with several heavy storms covering the reserve in the last few weeks. This month has delivered over 100mm of rain and has led to an extended rejuvenation and growth period for our vegetation as the Sweet thorn trees burst with yellow flowers and a pink hues from the flowering of the Natal red top grass cover the grass plains.

This year has been kicked off to a great start with the ever elusive cats putting in great appearances across most of their species; including several brief sightings of Leopard. As mentioned before, one of our Lionesses is caring for six new born cubs and she afforded myself and my guests breath-taking views of a prolonged suckling session – just less than five metres from my vehicle. In other lion-related news, our two younger males are developing their teenager attitudes that mothers know all too well.  They have been seen taunting white Rhino families at the start of the month and the Buffalo herd more recently.  Houdini, our solo male cheetah has also been rather active this month and my fellow Springbok Lodge rangers have been able to spend plenty of time with him over the last few weeks. And also note-worthy; the recent abundance in serval sightings have been thoroughly enjoyed by rangers and guests alike.

In addition to the “big and hairies”, there is also a change in bird species and their abundance. The seasonal movement of birds from their breeding grounds to their wintering grounds has resulted in a great influx in bird migrants at Nambiti. Over the last month, white storks are appearing in great numbers along with european rollers, common buzzards and amur falcons.
The lodge remains as busy as ever with February and March weekends almost fully booked.  The weekdays are mostly full too with conference groups and overseas tourist groups. 

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We look forward to sharing our little piece of African paradise with you.