February 2017 Report

Another month has drawn to an end and with it comes the telling of our stories, experiences and adventures out here in the bush we call ‘home’. The first and most striking difference is another great month of rain (174mm) has been experienced, the guests and rangers may have  gotten soaked to the bone on more than one occasion this past month but that did not detract from the excitement anticipated by all at the onset of our three hour game drives, with endless possible sighting and interactions between nature in all her tempestuous glory.

The two leopard sightings were undoubtedly the rangers and guests’ favourites. Another spectacular sighting of two Nyala bulls going at it hammer and tongs in order to establish dominance and secure mating rights was another sighting witnessed by guests that will stay with them for a very long time. This battle for dominance was concluded when the one Nyala bull was flipped over the back of the other leading to the end of their skirmish and a victor being proclaimed.

In other interesting news – you may recall from a previous newsletter that a family of 11 Elephant from Nambiti were relocated to Somkhanda  Reserve in September 2016 – well, Tuesday 28 February saw the culmination of this project.  In long term partnership now between Nambiti Game Reserve and *Somkhanda Game Reserve the final two elephant bulls were captured and relocated.  For the Springbok Lodge rangers involved it was an absolute privilege to take part in such an exciting and educational event. We would like to thank Wildlands, Jumbo Cash & Carry, the Elephant and Rhino Project and Nambiti for including Springbok Lodge and the Springbok Lodge rangers in this effort to save this magnificent species.

*Somhanda is owned by the Emvokweni Community Trust in Zululand and co-managed with the Wildlands Conservation Trust.

With all that being said we wish you a great month of March and we look forward to seeing you at the lodge in the near future.