March 2017 Report

March was a month with brilliant game viewing for both the rangers and guests at The Springbok Lodge.  Sightings of the 6 lion cubs are getting better and better as they become more habituated to the presence of the game viewers. We were rewarded one night with them playing beside our vehicles as their mother and older sisters watched on from a short distance away.

The two younger male lions, still accompanied by their mother, have spent a lot of time in the south of the reserve recently, giving us some awesome sightings. Those boys will be as big and as beautiful as their father soon!

The elephants are also getting on well after the relocation of the two bulls to Somkhanda at the end of February.  As you can see from the photos below there are some sweet new additions to the Nambiti resident herd.

We also had some good rains in March – 104mm was recorded at the lodge – not so welcome was the very heavy downpour we had on 04 March – 55mm in about ½ an hour with strong winds too.  

In other news, the Springbok Rangers welcome a new Senior Guide to the team, Mduduzi Bethuel.  With 17 years of experience in this industry, we are all excited to learn from his bountiful knowledge of the bush.

The changing of the seasons from autumn to winter has begun with the morning game drives going out a little later and sundowner stops becoming earlier. Soon the lush green hues over the Reserve will turn brown and we will be met with the crisp fresh mornings that months of May to September bring!

The lodge remains very busy – for which we are grateful - as we all love meeting new guests and catching up with returning guests.  With cooler temperatures settling in ... the lodges’ rates have “cooled off” too - May to August is a great time to visit the lodge – guests enjoy the later starts to the day and getting cosy around the camp fire under the star studded African sky…

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Have a great April and a ‘hoppy’ Easter weekend.